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At LinkEd, we work with you to navigate emerging practices in individualized, community-based long-term care. Our focus on culture, people and processes will transform the way you meet service commitments and financial obligations. We help you realize your vision.

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Julie Strenn

Organizational Change Maker

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Learning Strategist

Residential Cost Comparison , Average Costs Per Day from 2011 - 2013 - Supported Living: $67.67, 5-8 Bed Sleep Staff: $76.72, 5-8 Bed Awake Staff: $101.65

Individualized supports are the right thing to do. They can also be more cost effective than congregate services.

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I think it is very important to include people with disabilities in the work environment. Just because people with disabilities may seem different, we all need to feel like we belong to the community we live in. I believe our differences are what make a community strong!
Alisha Cloutier, Better Together Campaign

Self-directed supports allow people to live meaningful lives.

Navigating shifting systems and paradigms? We foster transformational change in self-directed supports.

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  • Skillfully Combining Complex Perspectives

    There is a serious clash between leading-edge self-determined long term care and the growing government reliance on a managed health care model of payment and administration. LinkEd understands and shares the values that shape the best of what we know today in supporting individuals with disabilities and elders to live in their own homes and to be valued members of their communities. LinkEd has the unique experience and expertise to help managed care companies and other agencies to provide those services and supports in a cost-competitive manner. I am aware of no other consultant organization that so skillfully combines these complex perspectives.
    Dennis Harkins, A Simpler Way, Inc.

  • Industry Expertise

    LinkEd has provided a number of highly valued supports to our organization over the last two years. Their knowledge and expertise of the long-term care industry has assisted us in developing innovative approaches to the delivery of managed long-term care, and has provided us with the tools necessary to assure our values truly align with our work. Their people-focused solutions have clarified our strategic direction and have led to significant impacts and outcomes.
    Mark K. Hilliker, Community Care Connections of Wisconsin

  • Collaborating in New and Exciting Ways

    Joe's commitment to noticing and then calling forth and connecting everyone's gifts (and reminding us how to do the same) is beautifully illustrated by his work in neighborhoods across North America. Theory doesn't shift paradigms alone. We need stories that resonate with our common experiences to learn to work differently. Joe's workshops balance theory and storytelling in a way that gives us practical tools for action and the inspiration needed to act and sustain our work. His work is inspirational: it is a call to action that I have seen energize and mobilize entire teams and organizations to collaborate together in new and exciting ways that strengthen the very fabric of community. Joe's time with us helped to build a shared understanding and common language around ABCD across all departments. He really helped strengthen the whole organization.
    James Ash, Greater Vancouver Food Bank


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Want to learn more about how you can transform your systems, empower your employees, and connect with your community?

Want to learn more about how you can transform your systems, empower your employees, and connect with your community?