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At LinkEd, we work with you to navigate emerging practices in individualized, community-based long-term care. Our focus on culture, people and processes will transform the way you meet service commitments and financial obligations. We help you realize your vision.

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Julie Strenn

Organizational Change Maker

Residential Cost Comparison , Average Costs Per Day from 2011 - 2013 - Supported Living: $67.67, 5-8 Bed Sleep Staff: $76.72, 5-8 Bed Awake Staff: $101.65

Individualized supports are the right thing to do. They can also be more cost effective than congregate services.

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I think it is very important to include people with disabilities in the work environment. Just because people with disabilities may seem different, we all need to feel like we belong to the community we live in. I believe our differences are what make a community strong!
Alisha Cloutier, Better Together Campaign

Self-directed supports allow people to live meaningful lives.

Navigating shifting systems and paradigms? We foster transformational change in self-directed supports.

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  • Building Relationships and Valuing Each Person

    LinkEd has formed direct leadership development to most of our leadership team and has improved our organization in each and every engagement. Your knowledge within the field and your approach in working with people sets your services apart. You have ensured projects were completed, enhanced services, filled roles in times of need and made us a better organization. Your approach in doing this through building relationships and valuing each person you work with is in my opinion what makes your services and supports successful.
    Rick Bahr, Innovative Services, Inc.

  • Industry Expertise

    LinkEd has provided a number of highly valued supports to our organization over the last two years. Their knowledge and expertise of the long-term care industry has assisted us in developing innovative approaches to the delivery of managed long-term care, and has provided us with the tools necessary to assure our values truly align with our work. Their people-focused solutions have clarified our strategic direction and have led to significant impacts and outcomes.
    Mark K. Hilliker, Community Care Connections of Wisconsin

  • Complete Training Development and Support

    When Opportunity Inc. made the decision to provide Community Supportive Living (CSL) support, we reached out to LinkEd for assistance with the creation of training materials for our employees. LinkEd has outdone themselves: they have shared their combined knowledge and experience during every facet of the journey, led trainings for our leadership team, created a training module for CSL staff, and they have supported leadership and staff to understand how to overcome the unique challenges with innovative and creative ideas and implementation plans. LinkEd has been supportive and professional to all of our staff, from our front-line caregivers and their supervisors, to the entire leadership team.
    Sara Satterfield, Opportunities, Inc.


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Want to learn more about how you can transform your systems, empower your employees, and connect with your community?

Want to learn more about how you can transform your systems, empower your employees, and connect with your community?